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Men and women face disappointment when the opposite sex does not live up to the high expectation the media has created of them.

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Men spend hours at the gym trying to obtain what has been presented to them as the perfect body and sometimes turn to supplement such as steroids for help which damage ones health.This is not the only place where media promotes sexism, if have we look at the movies and series, we can see that the men are the ones playing the important roles in the movie and women are there just as the hot sex icon, we can take Transformers for example, where Megan Fox who is the one of the main characters in Transformers plays a sex icon in the movie.The media has a very different approach when it comes to sexism against women.Women spend money on expensive make-up, perfumes, clothes, jewellery and accessories while men are prompted to buy colognes, after-shaves and other costly cosmetic products in order to make themselves look appealing to the opposite sex.

Euro football cup olympics you could pose it as a guideline to help you focus on creating the best.In our opinion, males and females are equal and it should be portrayed that way in the media and in any walks of life.Sexism of any kind, including media sexism can occur on many different levels and range from being covert to being outright blatant.Get help with your Vancouver referencing with our free online tool.For many years now the media we are exposed to every day has been filled with gender inequality (sexism) even though we might not always notice it.

People become obsessive about meeting that expectation and damage their health and emotions in the process.

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Men are portrayed as being very strong, masculine and muscular.This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Despite Legislation for Equal Opportunities, sexism is still in evidence in. the workplace.

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Sexist advertisements that appear in the media can often annoy and enrage the gender that is being exploited or ridiculed in order to promote the product.The way media portrays men and women creates an extremely high expectation of reality.As can be seen from the above table taken from the GMMP 2010, the percentage of males and females presenting news stories on television and radio have been rather stable and more importantly, equal for the last 20 years.Through sexism in the media, stereotypes of how men and women should act and the roles they should adhere to are developed.For example, the percentage of newsreaders covering important news stories that are male dominates the amount of female newsreaders covering important news stories.

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So, why is it an issue that still seems to sneak up in our culture almost everywhere you turn.I can remember many of my friends talking of going to watch it just to see her.This leads to decay in the self esteem of women as they begin to believe that the only way to get attention from men is to present themselves as sex objects.Title: Length Color Rating: Sexism in Sports Essay - Sexism in Sports In 1972 a policy known as Title IX was written and mandated into Federal policy.His stories and novels are popular not due to their thrilling plot.

Jennifer Lawrence pens essay on Hollywood sexism. 13 October 2015.Sexism news and opinion. EDITION. US. NEWS Highline Science Education Weird News Business TestKitchen Tech College Media POLITICS Pollster.As a result of not achieving the perfect body, people can suffer from anxiety, depression and a range of inner conflicting emotions.As they make the women characters look very attractive and expose their bodies.

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In the media women are presented as sex objects to be used by men.Many of the predominant cultures in the world today are founded on a.Gender inequality is a problem we as humans have been facing for quite a few years now and more often than not the media has been part of the problem and not the solution.Hopefully in coming years this will become a thing of the past, but for the time being media sexism is a very real problem that we face.

We are exposed to standards that differentiate both genders through such innocent-seeming means from such a young age to the point that it is effortless to gloss-over and not think twice about.

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Some people would go as far as to pay to have cosmetic surgery done to improve their bodies.Despite this however, females are starting to fight back and are proving to be worthy equals to their male counterparts.After discussing the topic and considering all the information we gathered throughout this assignment we as a group decided that the media definitely promotes sexism and sexist behaviour particularly in favour of males.If we also look at the computer games and their characters we can clearly that its promoting sexism.

All this accomplishes is putting an entire gender into a highly, more categorized box, completely deficient in individuality.Nearly 70% of girls in one survey said that magazine models influence their idea of the perfect body shape.Topics in Paper Woman Britain Women S Rights United Nations Gender Role Female Male Feminism Sexism.Some may argue, that this is only due to a statistical number, yet there are no discriminations as such in regard to race or any other criteria.By using sexism in advertising a company can gain the attention of its audience but can also leave people feeling angered and opposed to buying that specific product.

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