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Proponents of ESCr research advocate funding for both fields.Benefits of stem cell research essay Kristine November 24, 2016.The reason for outrage in the scientific community is that there is a large potential for life saving through ESCr, and that funding and public support is being threatened or ended because of the opposing side.A few major problems with the cells, is that they are simply not tough enough to undergo reproduction to create the new organ or cell type necessary.Another problem with the stem cells is that if they are studied by mixing them with another organism, the new organism could become more humanlike and that is another moral problem that afflicts many people.They therefore consider any research that necessitates the destruction of a human embryo to be morally abhorrent.The Pro life argument targets those with strong religious backgrounds, and actively advertises that embryonic stem cell research is unethical.

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Stem cells are gifts to mankind, and are able to save untold amounts of people.Pro-stem cell researchers recognize the risk, but argue that it is not as bad as the pro-life activists would want to make it sound.

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The concern for the use of embryonic stem cell is whether it would potentially harm the fetus.With most controversial discoveries, the issue of ethics also comes into light.This is part of the game that is played with most national issues. displayed next 300 characters.The pro life argument takes a strong ethical standpoint on science and medicine, which is a powerful and effective technique for making sure research is halted (NIH) (AAAS).This new cell is referred to as induced pluripotent stem cells, simply abbreviated as iPSCs.

The view that it is, in itself, a sacrifice of undeveloped life for the good of mankind by saving the life s of those with life threatening ailments.Many are also faithful followers of the church, which mandates that no human life be destroyed.

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In 2007, President Bush had a change of mind and signed another executive order that increased funding for research into somatic stem cell differentiation.

Politicians and Lobbyists have put a stop to the growth of stem cell research, which can mean millions to those who are rightful to the treatments, while the research gained by the government is open to the public, which allows scientists to search for more cures.This will provide more information on why and how such genetic disorders as cancer and birth defects can be controlled.Stem cells have the chance to change everything that we know in the medical field as well as the potential to heal wounds and damaged organs.Since the discovery of ways of deriving embryonic and non-embryonic stem cell types in animals and humans from mouse embryos in 1981, the development in tee type of cells used has been rather slow and based on the two.It also shows that a large amount of American politics and policies are affected enormously by religion (Religious Tolerance) (Popular Issues).The mechanism is very easy to understand, since the stem cell is placed in a cultured or living environment with specialized cells.The hardest part of this process is controlling the extent and effect of cell differentiation.

It has not ethical basis to argue that it is a form of abortion, since this embryos would still have been lost in the fertilization process.This option gives you the immediate access to all 184 988 essays.Continued research advances knowledge on how healthy cells replace damaged one s in living organisms.This serves as the pacifier for stem cell research opponents although its scientific viability is in question.Without new stem cell lines we could otherwise see this type of scientific examination become purely theoretical in nature, which is like counting the number of how many angels you can fit on a pin.During this time, there was an increase in stem cell research, and numerous types of stem cells were discovered (AAAS) (PBS).This, however, has its own limitations since adult stem cells are found in fewer organs than are fetal tissue.

Scientists hope to find ways of using them to repair damaged tissue.Adult stem cells are a very popular alternative, but many scientists believe that cures lie in the study and research of all types of stem cells, not just adult ones.Actually, such differentiation is common in the gut and the bone marrow while in other organs such as the heart and the pancreases, they only divide under special conditions.Simply put, the use of adult stem cells is hindered by the fact that they have a narrower avenue for their end product as compared to embryonic stem cells.Stem Cell Technology:The Controversies surrounding Stem Cell Research.Get help with your Vancouver referencing with our free online tool.However, this is not an end to the moral issue, but instead may prove to make acquiring new types of stem cells harder, because Pro Lifers will say this is a way to avoid killing an embryo, even if it is already given up for science.

The conclusion of the piece is that stem cell research benefits.Stem cell research, although a form of research in its early steps of acceptance in an increasingly sensitive society, shows promise as being the form of scientific manipulation to provide the cure for disease.The Republican Party uses religious ethics to justify their standpoint on the topic, which is a very effective technique in America.Other uses are the making of insulin to enhance the management of Type I diabetes.

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There are three general types of stem cells: cord blood, adult, and embryonic stem cells.Stem cell research is a potential ground for a lot of detailed research for the development of mankind.

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As the war on the ethical basis and the legality rages on, somatic stem cell research could prove to be the clincher for the scientific world to appease the ethical proponents without compromising the quality of the science.Even if stem cells can only do half of what scientists are theorizing, the benefits of the.There has been infamous legislation banning the funding for it by George W.The complication here is that the conditions have to be completely identical if the intention is to compare several drugs.

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There are two main positions on embryonic stem cell research.Scientists are working to learn about how stem cells function.