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In the James novella, we are asked to imagine the character of Aspern, since he is long dead by drowning, either by happenstance or by his own hand.This article This website The local Arts scene The national Arts scence Advertising on TheaterJones Changes or additions to the calendar An idea for an article on TheaterJones Getting a review of my performance Your Name: Your Email Adress: please enter the text below and then click or tap SUBMIT.Three superstars took the stage on Friday: Susan Graham, Alexandra Deshorties and Nathan Gunn.

Shelley died in a way similar to Aspern in the opera, an incident involving a boat and a drowning that may or may not have been accidental.They have become lovers and although Sonia feels guilt over her betrayal of Juliana, he assures her that she is now his only love.There is something creepy about biographers poking around in the papers of the dead and famous, which were never intended for any viewer but the addressee.To inquire about advertising on our site, please use the comment form.Graeme Jenkins is leaving the Dallas Opera after this season and The Aspern Papers marks his last performance.The set, by Andrew Lieberman, is an interior of a grand 19th-century villa.

A splendid Dallas Opera revival of Argento's The Aspern

It also supplies melodies that are captivating and that all world class performers would want to perform.She demands an exorbitant price for the rented rooms and the lodger agrees to return with the money the next day.THE ASPERN PAPERS by Dominick Argento Libretto by Dominick Argento.The opera flows back in forth between the fifty year span as it slowly unravels the mystery behind the disappearance of the score.Yet by angling the two walls in an asymmetric fashion he creates a visual tension that becomes ever increasingly claustrophobic.

Like the other characters in the opera he must convey his reasoning via subtext not via the actual words given in the libretto.This concept succeeds thanks to the subtle lighting designs of Thomas Hase.This makes his performance so on-the-edge-of-your-seat intriguing that every note he sings captures not just the beauty of the score, but illuminates the psychology behind the character.

At one point in the opera the orchestra slowly fades into silence, leaving the singers on stage to sing acapella throughout a scene.But, in an act of musical alchemy, the final result is neither play nor opera, but a hybrid that transcends both art forms.


Juliana, having overheard his promise to take the boat over to visit Sonia at night, is distraught.A game of cat-and-mouse ensues over possession of the Aspern Papers.The Aspern Papers is a 1987 opera in two acts with music and libretto by Dominick Argento, commissioned by The Dallas Opera.

The Aspern Papers, by Henry James.

I am particularly indebted to Philippe Brunelle, conductor and artistic director of the Plymouth Music Series, Minneapolis, for introducing me to the works of.

She is able to sound like a young woman in certain scenes and an old lady in others while still singing the score sublimely.The composer, Aspern, is posing for a portrait as Barelli watches.The score is at different points lyrical, lush, discordant, macabre, fraught with tension, ethereal and startling. Mr. Jenkins demonstrates his genius in this performance.Juliana, tired of rehearsing and ready to play, interrupts the two men.There was some mystery about what happened to this eyebrow-raising correspondence, but history says Clairmont saved every scrap until she died.

Of course, vocally she is at the top of her form and the reigning Queen of Mezzoland.We see the characters back in 1835, when the actual events that shape the future were taking place.Nathan Gunn plays the Lodger who is trying to manipulate Tina in order to get his hands on the score.While the former would be of great academic interest, a missing masterpiece by a major composer is a theft from the entire world.Some may picture the beautiful Shelley or the tubercular and tortured Keats in the role, while others have a gaunt and pale waif in mind.The direction, sets, costumes and lighting are right-on for creating the gothic feel of the unfolding plot, a psychological mystery that will keep you guessing.

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Read The Aspern Papers by Henry James with Kobo. thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition.This he did admirably, and the excellent production by the Dallas Opera that opened on Friday evening at the Winspear Opera House is a moving experience.

The Aspern Papers is a novella written by Henry James, originally published in The Atlantic Monthly in 1888, with.He is also working with a stellar cast of international reputation.

The Aspern Papers -

The Aspern Papers -

The story revolves around a musical score that was written in 1835 for an opera that has disappeared.This said, as the characters succumb to their passions and into madness, the score reflects these psychological changes and at times becomes harrowing.

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The elderly Juliana reminisces about her long-dead lover, an impresario by the name of Barelli who advanced her career and settled her in the villa.The Aspern Papers is a 1987 opera in two acts with music and libretto by Dominick Argento,.The trio had become a romantic quartet, as Barelli turned his attentions to a talented young singer named Sonia, installed in a villa all her own across the lake.

The Dallas Opera cast these small roles with singers that are sublime in the expressivity of their voices.As Aspern returns to his work, Juliana seizes the moment to untie the boat and push it away from the shore to prevent Aspern from using it to keep his assignation.Aspern accompanies Sonia in a duet from Medea as Juliana offers her encouragement and advice.The usually glamorous Graham is transformed into a dowdy and drab cipher of a woman with mousey hair severely pulled back from her face.It is a world class opera with world class singers in a world class venue.